Where To Stand In the Box

Where should you stand in the batter’s box? That’s a good question. The batter’s box is six feet by four feet so there’s plenty of space to position yourself. Your main criteria should be to cover the plate. When you stand in the box the barrel of your bat should cover the entire plate when your arms are extended. If you’re too far away you won’t be able to hit outside pitches. Too close and you’ll get jammed with inside pitches. Once you have the proper distance from the plate you’ll need to make some adjustments based on your hitting abilities. Having difficulty with outside pitches? Then a slight move closer to the plate might be in order. Inside pitches getting you out? Then you should move slightly away from the plate. Whether you move toward the pitcher or toward the catcher many times depends upon the type of pitch you expect. Start in the middle of the box to begin with.If you’re facing a hard thrower then perhaps move slightly back toward the catcher. A breaking ball or knuckleball pitcher might require a slight move forward in the box.

Here’s a good video on how to position yourself in the batter’s box…

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