The Stride

Just before you swing the bat you should stride forward. This doesn’t mean that you take a big step forward. During the stride your weight is still on your back leg but moving forward and yours hands actually move in the opposite direction toward the back of your body of the catcher. Some hitters lift their foot off the ground and move it forward while others just take the weight off their front foot and slide it forward. The stride shouldn’t be too long. A few inches or more is fine. If your stride is too long you will have no power in your swing. As I mentioned, as your foot strides forward your hands will be moving backwards and once your front foot plants your hands will be in a cocked position. Keep your head still and your eyes focused on the pitch. Your weight is still mostly on your back leg. As your foot plants your weight starts to shift forward and your body becomes ready to take the swing. Practice your stride until it is perfected. Here’s Don Mattingly showing how to take a proper stride…

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