The Beginning

If you’re reading this then you want to improve your hitting skills. Maybe you watch guys like Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton and Bryce Harper and think you’d like to hit like they do. Is it possible? Yes, it is. You don’t have to be big physically to hit well – look at Ichiro Suzuki. If you can see the baseball and have good reaction time then you have the potential to hit well. Your physical makeup will only determine whether you hit for power, for average, or for both. Either way you can be a successful batter.

The key to success is acquiring good fundamentals. You need a solid base of fundamentals to build upon. If you don’t have that then you’re not going to succeed. You also have to realize that you always have to practice. Do you think that Miguel Cabrera was taking batting practice one day and decided he had perfected his swing so he wasn’t going to take BP for the rest of his career? No. He goes out nearly everyday and works on hitting and he will do that for the rest of his career. You will need to do this as well if you plan on becoming a great hitter.

So, work on your fundamentals first. Get comfortable with them and work on consistently applying them in every at bat. Once you have those down you can work on the more subtle aspects of your swing.

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