The Mental Game

I know you’ve heard the cliche’ that baseball is the only sport where you can fail more often then you succeed and still be considered great. Or, you can be successful 30% of the time and be one of the top hitters in major league baseball. Well, the cliche’s are true. If you average only three hits per ten at bats you are going to be very successful. That might seem obvious but failing seven out of ten times can be difficult mentally. You’ll need to acclimate yourself to failing more than succeeding. You’ll also need to look at hitting a couple different ways. First, look at every at bat on its own and decide what approach is the best for that at bat. You will either fail or succeed. Second, look at your at bats over time. Is your batting average where you want it to be? Are you hitting with the power you think you should be? You can have a successful at bat during a game but still be hitting poorly over time. Likewise, you can have a bad game and go hitless yet still be hitting over .300 for the season. Just remember to keep things in perspective.

If you do have a bad at bat don’t get down on yourself. Try to determine why you were not successful and work on that aspect of your hitting during practice. The nice thing about hitting as that you’ll get plenty of chances to learn what your doing right or wrong. Each unsuccessful at bat is a chance to improve. Look at it that way and you’ll find it a lot easier to stay positive.

Check out this video. It will help you learn to view your performance the proper way…

Developing Mental Toughness for Baseball