Choose The Right Bat

The main tool of the trade in hitting is the bat. You need to choose a bat that best fits your hitting style as well as your physical size and strength. Unless you’re a professional you’re probably going to be using non-wood bats. Aluminum and graphite bats allow for a larger size bat with less weight. Many people feel that hitting with an aluminum bat is easier because the ball comes off the bat faster. Because of this, making the later transition to wood bats may be more difficult for many hitters. Keep in mind you’ll also need to choose a bat that meets the requirements of whatever league you are playing in. Regardless what type of bat you use the principles of hitting are the same. Let’s go over some of the basics of bat selection and focus on wood bats.

First of all you’ll need to know the characteristics of bats. Wood bats are measured by weight and length and are usually made of Maple or Ash wood. The length is measured in inches and run anywhere from about 26″ up to 35″. Weight is usually expressed as a minus number such as -2 or -3. The weight of a -2 bat that is 33 inches long would be 31 ounces. Take the length of the bat and subtract the number, in this case 2, and that will give you the weight of the bat. So, a 29 inch bat that is -3 would weigh 26 ounces. For an easy way to find the right length and weight bat to use check out this video…

Check out this video of Bryce Harper using a huge 36-inch, 47-ounce Marucci batting the batting cages..

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